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The Electric Bike's Time Has Arrived. 

What millions around the world have known for years is finally gaining traction North America. Major bike brands are onboard and here's why we think you should be too. Everyone we send out on a test ride comes back with a huge smile. It’s just plain fun. Isn’t that why we all started riding bikes? 



But isn't it cheating? 

We hear that alot. We wondered it ourselves. And here's what we decided. If you're racing...ya an electric bike would be cheating but most of us ride aren't racing. So, if you want to have a blast, ride more, ride farther, ride more challenging terrain, ride with a faster partner, or ride instead of drive to work, you might want to cheat on your old bike a take an ebike test ride. 

Feeling intimidated by the tech? 

Think of it like buying a car. You’re aware of the may even know it’s size and horsepower, but your purchase decision is ultimately driven by so many other factors. Will it suit your storage and passenger needs? Does it handle the way you want it to? What kind of warranty does it come with? Do you like the colour, the sound system? The process of buying an ebike is no different. That being said here are some terms that will help you understand how an ebike works and what you should be looking for.  




Pedal Assist

The electric bicycles that we stock are designed to support your pedaling, not replace it. You choose a power level—from low assistance to high—and the bike gives you power in proportion to your pedaling, allowing you to ride farther, faster, and with greater ease and enjoyment. Think of it as a helpful boost. 

Torque Sensor

The best electric bikes are the ones that form a seamless hybrid between your pedaling and the motor. The only way to make that happen is to have a torque senso, to measure how hard you are pressing on the pedals, and tell the motor how much assist to deliver. When a torque sensor is combined with speed and cadence sensors, the motor controller gets a complete picture of how you are riding so that it can give power in just the right amount at just the right time.


Generally speaking, more wattage equals more power or range but this doesn't neccesarily improve the ride experience. Frame geometry, wheels, tires and drivetrain, componentry, touch points like saddle and grips, along with are also important factors to consider - perhaps even more important.

Still not sure? Here are some more things to think about.  

Ebike rides count as exercise: The ebikes we sell are pedal-assist, still giving you a workout, improving your cardiovascular health, fitness, and aerobic capacity. But don’t take our word for it. Check out this New York Times article based on a University of Colorado Boulder study. 

Use your ebike as transportation. Let’s agree that car traffic and downtown parking suck. If you live far from your job, or just don’t want to show up for work all sweaty, you may think ditching the car to go by bike isn’t possible. It is. Use the highest assist mode to get to work. Arrive fresh and focused (physical activity helps make you more productive). Scale back the level of assist on the way home and get your work out in. Boom. Now that’s smart and efficient. You may even get a promotion.

Ebikes often make great introductions into cycling. Have friends or family members you know would love and benefit from cycling but are intimidated by your carbon road bike and padded stretchy shorts? Bring them in for an ebike test ride. Warning: you may have to work to keep up. 

Hit the trails with an electric mountain bike. Enjoy the best parts of trail riding by getting a little help. If a busy family or work-life keep you from training as much as you’d like, but you still want to ride the trails like you did back in the day, this is for you. Purists are skeptical, until their first loop. Then it’s like, “Let’s go again!”

Moms (and Dads) on bikes - Loaded up with kids and gear a bike trailer can easily be 100lb, requiring additional effort for traditional bikes. With an ebike you can run errands, be outside and get some exercise in. What a powerful message to your littles about the benefits of exercise, your commitment to sustainability and having fun! NOTE: Not all ebikes are compatible with trailers. If this is your goal make sure you discuss with staff.

"Spent the last 6 months reviewing Ebikes and talking to multiple mechanics and salespeople before I met Jeff Martin who had a good answer for every question. This led to my purchase of a Bosch Mid-Drive bike. It is fantastic, I will be recommending Alter Ego Sports to all of my cycling friends."

Many thanks. Jim S.




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