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Specialized is the company behind the world's first production mountain bike. Specialized has been around since the beginning, and their bikes are regularly regarded as the top of the heap in virtually every genre they produce. Specialized makes world class mountain bikes, road bikes, and nearly everything in between. Specialized is also one of the top 3 bicycle manufacturing companies in the world, as they also produce a full line of accessories for both men and women, as a part of their Body Geometry line.

Specialized, being one of the top R&D houses in the bike industry, also offer a lifetime warranty on their bike frames against defects. In fact, Specialized does so much testing on frames, and what makes them fail, that they actually destroy more frames in a single year through testing than other niche companies produce for retail.

As with our other bikes, when you combine the proven reliability of Specialized bikes with our lifetime bicycle service you won't want to shop anywhere else. For those looking to take advantage of Specialized's innovative road and triathlon bicycles, take a look at our leading bicycle fit services that no one in the city can match!

Check out the entire line of Specialized bikes in our online catalog . To make your search easier, check out our catalog in our left menu which lets you select based on bike type. Once you find what you are looking for, be sure to drop by the shop to check out the bike you are looking for! 

Trek Bicycle Corporation Logo

Trek is the world famous bike brand that powered Lance Armstrong to win 7 consecutive Tour de France Championships, 2 more than the previous world record. Considering its success in the road race scene, it is not surprising that Trek also manufactures bikes in many different genres, including mountain, cruiser, fitness, commuter, kids bikes, and more. When all added together, Trek is the #1 bike company in the world.

We are proud to offer Trek Bicycles, who are one of the 3 bike manufacturers that drive industry innovation and lead the world in cycling technology and leadership. Trek's mid-level bikes and above are made in the U.S.A., and all Trek bikes come with lifetime warranties against defects on their frames. Whether you spend a few hundred on their entry level models, or thousands on a higher end model, the warranty on the frame is still a lifetime one.

When you buy a Trek bicycle, you are buying with confidence. Add our lifetime bicycle service to any Trek bike, and for road or triathlon bikes check out our best-in-the-city bike fitting services and you've got a winning combination!

Check out the entire line of Trek bikes in our online catalog. Since Trek makes so many different types of bikes, you might want to check out our catalog listing on the left menu and pick by bike type to make it easier to find what you are looking for! Once you do, pop in the shop and see if you like what you were checking out...we think you will!

Cervélo is a Canadian-owned bike company that is at the top of the road/triathlon scene worldwide. They are known for producing highly aerodynamic frames, resulting in very fast bicycles. In fact, Cervélo bikes are regularly picked as the most purchased and desired bikes in the triathlon scene. Clearly, when you are producing high quality road and triathlon bikes year after year and your lineup is still the most demanded, you are doing something right!

Alter Ego Sports is proud to be the exclusive Cervélo dealer in Winnipeg, and one of only approximately 200 dealers in all of North America. We also regularly stock more Cervélo's than anyone else in the province. Due to their high availability they can be difficult to get by the time our summer is in full force, so if you ever want to get your hands on the most sought after road/tri brandin the world, you need to contact us ASAP to ensure you can get your hands on one.

Cervelo bikes come with lifetime warranties on their frames against defectslifetime bicycle service from us, as well as our bike fitting services which are unequaled in the city. 

Check out the entire line of Cervélo bikes in our online catalog. Once you have found what you are looking for, drop by the store to inquire about your bicycle of choice and we'll get you setup ASAP!

Founded in 1992 in Germany by Cyclocross World Champion Mike Kluge, Focus Bikes deliver quality varieties of road, cyclocross, urban, and mountain bikes. Due to their cyclocross heritage, their bikes have become a common occupant of various podiums at cyclocross World Championships.

Building on this success, Focus have also developed top tier road and mountain bikes to continue the tradition of performance and affordability.

As with other brands, all Focus bikes come with our lifetime bicycle service that will keep your bike rolling right. If needed, Focus does offer a 6 year warranty on their bikes which means you won't be left out in the cold if your bike needs extra special attention.

To see all of the Focus bikes we carry, be sure to check out the Focus section in our online catalog. If you are looking for a specific type of Focus, remember to filter the search results accordingly! To see any of our in stock Focus bikes, be sure to head down to the store and see them in person - you won't be disappointed.





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