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All of the Alter Ego Club coaches are involved in the Kids of Mud program because we love to ride and want to teach your kids the skills they need to enjoy riding off-road as much as we do

The minimum requirement for becoming an Alter Ego coach is successful completion of a National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Community Coach workshop. As well, each coach must have current Standard or Emergency First Aid certification and must clear a Child Abuse Registry check each year and a Criminal Record check every 3 years.

The Alter Ego Club strongly believes in the value of skilled coaches and is committed to coach development within our club. Our certified coaches are VIP members and all certification requirements are at the expense of our club.

If you are interested in joining the Alter Ego Kids of Mud coaching staff please email us

COACH MONI - Program Coordinator

Occupation: Marketing Communications Officer
Years coaching: 15+
Years coaching KOM: since 2005
Why KOM?:  I took up cycling in 2003 and fell in love with it. I want to share the joy of cycling with kids and really anyone who will listen :-)
Favourite place to ride: Ingolf, or a wide open road with no wind!
Things I like to do when not riding: gardening, spending time at the farm with my horses and dog, playing piano, downhill skiing, reading and sleeping!
Did you know?: I have a degree in Agriculture and am very passionate about agriculture, educating people on where Canadian food comes from and what eating local really means – just ask me!


Occupation:  Executive Director, CCSAM (XC Skiing)
Years coaching: since 2005
Years coaching Kids of Mud: since 2005
Why Kids of Mud?: I love mountain biking and want to share the skills I've learned with anyone that will let me!
Favourite place to ride: Grand Beach, Ingolf, Moab
Things I like to do when not riding: hang out with the family, ride horses, ski, garden, drink coffee
Did you know?: I've worked as an equine AI technician, worked the rodeo circuit in AB and trained racehorses in the US. My father is 1972 World Curling Champion (the Big O) and I just learned to swim a few of years ago.


Occupation: Geological Engineer
Years coaching: since 2005
Years coaching Kids of Mud:  since 2008 
Why KOM?: Because I'm a Kid of Mud too!
Favourite place to ride: Anywhere on the Canadian Shield
Things I like do when not riding:Make maps of mountain bike trails!
Did you know?: I haven’t grown out of skateboarding either.


Years coaching

Years coaching KOM:
Why KOM?:
Favourite place to ride:
Things I like to do when not riding:
Did you know?:


Occupation: Category Manager
Years coaching: since 2005
Years coaching KOM: since 2006
Why KOM?: Kids are what will grow the sport of cycling Manitoba and the KOM program is a great program to be involved in.
Favourite place to ride: Ingolf
Things I like to do when not riding: gopher population control at the farm.
Did you know?: My first broken toe came from a horse that stepped on my toe!


Occupation: Manager, Alter Ego Sports
Years coaching: since 2005
Years coaching KOM: since 2005
Why KOM?:
Favourite place to ride:
Things I like to do when not riding:
Did you know?:

(insert photo here)

Group: FYGs

Occupation:  Lawyer (no jokes, please)
Years coaching: since 2011
Years coaching Kids of Mud: since 2011
Why KOM?: I'm a first generation Kid of Mud (circa 1994). Is there anything cooler than teaching a kid to ride the noblest of human inventions, the bicycle?
Favourite place to ride: Mt. Work/Hartland Bike Park, Victoria, BC
Things I like do when not riding: Snowboard, surf, camp, read, hockey, travel, spend time with friends and family. Anything that keeps me outside or learning.
Did you know?:  I am the current reigning Manitoba Cadet (Under 15) Boys Downhill Champion (1997). I am a fan of full moons and make an active effort to do something outdoors and stupid on every single one of them.


Occupation:  Newspaper Editor
Years coaching: since 2010
Years coaching Kids of Mud: since 2013
Why KOM?: I just think it’s one of the coolest sports out there – and teaching kids how to ride a bike safely is one the most important things you can do.
Favourite place to ride: Grew up in Brandon, have a soft spot for the Brandon Hills.
Things I like do when not riding: Hanging out with my family, woodworking, cross-country skiing and running.
Did you know?:   I might have a running addiction. Also a thing for lycra, merino wool or any other kind of technical fabric. And don’t get me started on the scent of new runners.


Occupation: Teacher
Years coaching: since 1992
Years coaching Kids of Mud: since 2013
Why KOM?: One or both of our daughters have been cycling with KOM since 2010. I love that the parents are encouraged to ride with the groups fostering family physical activity and a love of lifetime sport. I now have an opportunity to give back to a program that has been such a great experience for our family.
Favourite place to ride: Any sunny trail featuring the sights, sounds and smells of nature.
Things I like do when not riding: Holidaying with my family, cooking, growing vegetables in my small garden plots.
Did you know?: I studied fashion for two years…then switched to education with a major in physical education.. I love taking photographs of my children and wildflowers and teaching art.


Occupation: Claims Investigator
Years coaching: since 2013
Years coaching KOM: since 2014
Why KOM?: I have always loved riding and I want to ride with my boys!
Favourite place to ride: Ingolf, Birds Hill Park
Things I like to do when not riding: Playing with Cars or Motorcycles.
Did you know?: I play the Harp




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