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Swix VR55 Fluorinated Racing Grip Wax

Born out of World Cup demand. Tested and used at World Cup Competitions and the Utah Olympic Games. For slightly moist new snow around freezing, and for older transformed snow below freezing. It gives excellent grip without sacrificing glide. New fallen snow: 2°C to 0°C (36°F to 32°F). Old fine… [more]

Swix VR30 Fluorinated Racing Grip Wax

Designed for cold to extremely cold conditions. New formula. New fallen snow: -7°C to -20°C (19°F to -4°F). Old fine grained snow: -10°C to -30°C (14°F to -22°F). [more]

Rossignol R4 Skate Bindings - 2010

This snap-on binding provides perfect energy transfer. [more]

Swix VG30 Base Binder

To be used as first layer for all hard waxes in new fallen snow, transformed fine grained snow and old snow from +1°C to -20°C. Easy to apply: Rub on and iron in with a waxing iron. [more]

Swix Plexiglass Wax Scraper 4mm

Plexi Scraper 4mm [more]

Swix VR50 Fluorinated Racing Grip Wax

Designed for moist to dry snow around freezing. When used below freezing, high humidity is required. New fallen snow: 1°C to -2°C (34°F to 28°F). Transformed fine grained snow: 0°C to -5°C (32°F to 23°F). [more]

Swix Medium Coarse Diamond Stone 70mm

400 grit. 2nd in your must have diamonds to maintain a smooth and sharp edge. Starts to bring out that high polish shine. [more]

Swix Groove / All Purpose Scraper

Used for klister application. Or to remove wax or klister from the base before cleaning with Base Cleaner. [more]

Swix Course Bronze Brush

Practical pocket sized all round brush. [more]

Rossignol X9 Classic Ski Boots - 2010
$279.99 - $289.99

Easy flex and easy grip, high performing and comfortable. Ideal for training sessions and ski marathons. [more]

Swix Comfort Strap

Swix comfort strap with click in system [more]

Rossignol T4 Touring NIS Classic Nordic Bindings

The T4 Auto is a lightweight, easy-to-use NIS touring binding designed for recreational off-trail skiers. The easy, hands-free click-in/ click-out design provides fast, user-friendly entry and exit. The T4 Auto features a wider heel-piece for increased stability and 40-shore flexbit. [more]

Swix Chromed Bastard File

13 tpcm. Chromed Bastard removal/setup file. Best file for setting side angle. Non-tang files offer a truer, flatter file for exact degree application. Best file for initial side bevel. User level: Racing Pro World Cup [more]

Swix VR40 Fluorinated Racing Grip Wax

Designed for normal, freezing temperatures. New fallen snow: -2°C to -8°C (28°F to 18°F). Old fine grained snow: -4°C to -12°C (25°F to 10°F). [more]

Swix Plastic Grip Frame

Handle with a soft, comfortable grip with high durability. Fit poles with 16 mm diameter. [more]

Swix Traditional Ski File 20cm

12 tpcm. Traditional ski file. Excellent for doing it all. Side and base-edge beveling. 2nd option for price point retail file. User level: Racing [more]

Salomon SNS Pilot Equipe Skate Bindings

Racing skate binding with maximum power transmission and control. 2 axes ensure efficiency in energy transmission and control from skier through the ski to the snow. [more]

Salomon Vitane 8 Skate XC Boots - 2008

Skating performance & fit with feminine flare With the elegant feminine design, the Vitane Pilot will delight women who are looking for the reference boot for performance and comfort. Thanks to a special fit adapted to women's morphology, this boot promises ideal comfort without compromising… [more]

Swix Nordic Ski Straps

Hold your skis together with these handy straps from Swix. [more]

Swix Synthetic Cork

Synthetic cork. [more]

Swix K22N Universal Klister

+10°C to -3°C (50°F to 27°F). Improved flexibility toward fine-grained moist snow, without icing up. Improved grip on wet, coarse-grained snow. Improved “feeling”. To be applied as the final layer of klister. Comparable to the old, famous VM-klister from 1982. Frequently used in World Cup… [more]

Swix V05 Grip Wax

As the name indicates, this is hardwax made for the coldest conditions. Frequently used in the polar regions of Europe and North America. New fallen snow: -12°C to -25°C (10°F to -12°F). Old fine grained snow: -15°C to -30°C (5°F to -22°F). [more]

Rossignol X1 Ultra Classic Nordic Boots - 2012

The X1 Ultra offers the perfect blend of comfort, warmth and control to outdoor enthusiasts seeking on and off-trail adventure. A thermo-moldable inner-boot and lace cover provide superior warmth and comfort while the internal heel counter gives the user optimum stability and control. The… [more]

Swix Tour Pack Wax Kit

Contents: V40 Blue Extra, V20 Green, V60 Red/Silver hardwaxes, synthetic cork and a groove scraper. Zippered pack. [more]

Swix VR60 Fluorinated Racing Grip Wax

Designed for wet snow with little water content. When used below freezing high humidity is required. New fallen snow: 2°C to 0°C (36°F to 32°F). Old fine grained snow: 1°C to 2°C (34°F to 28°F). [more]

Swix Steel Scraper

Steel scraper for peeling or straightening bases. [more]

Swix White Nylon Brush

Practical pocket sized all round brush. [more]


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