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Blackout Period Now In Effect

From April 1 to June 30, our blackout period on FREE tuneups is in effect. You can still schedule a FREE tuneup for July and beyond. If you need a tuneup ASAP, we will discount the tuneup 50% during the blackout period.

Estimated Appointment Date

We are currently booking service appointments within 7 days. If you need something sooner, see in store for details on express service!

(Updated 6 June 2017)

How Appointments Work

Customers are encouraged to submit their appointment request ASAP. Keep in mind that during the peak season (April - June), a blackout period is in effect on our free service package. Due to the considerable wait times on appointments, customers are encouraged to schedule a tuneup over the winter before the blackout begins, or after it ends in July. Keep in mind you can still get a tuneup done on your bike during the blackout period, you will receive 50% off the tuneup price. (For example, $35 for the Ready to Roll tuneup instead of $70). By scheduling your appointment as early as possible, you ensure that we only have your equipment for the minimum time needed to get you out enjoying the outdoors!

  1. Your equipment MUST be brought in to the store the day before your appointment is scheduled. If your equipment is in need of considerable service, bring it in as soon as you can to avoid delays.
  2. Any appointments that are NOT brought in the day before their appointment date will be removed.
  3. Your equipment will be assessed at dropoff, to identify any additional work that may be needed as well as any additional parts that may need to be ordered.
  4. Appointment date(s) do not take into consideration additional time required to order parts or perform service not scheduled. To avoid delays, bring in your equipment as soon as possible after your appointment is made if you believe there will be additional work required.
  5. Once we receive your appointment request, we will schedule your service in the system and email you back with a scheduled date. Please confirm this email so that we know you are coming at the right time.

Customer Name*
Customer Phone Number*
Customer Email Address*
Equipment Type*
To select or deselect multiple options, hold the "Ctrl" key when clicking.
Equipment Make & Model*
For multiple pieces of equipment, please list all makes and models. For customers scheduling bike fittings, enter "Bike Fitting".

If you are dropping more more than 1 piece of equipment of the same type (i.e. 2 bikes) please note what is required per piece of equipment in the section below.

Service Work Required*
Enter the service work that you require. Be as thorough as you can when explaining any issues you are having with the equipment you are bringing in.
On what day of the week do you want to pick your bike up?*
You must drop your bike off the day before the pickup day.

Note: * indicates required information.




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