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Burton Bomber Boot Laces

Use them on your boots, or use them as a belt. The simple fact is that a good boot often lasts longer than its original lace. Re-invigorate your favorite pair or simply replace a snapped lace with our traditional-style Bomber Boot Laces. [more]

Burton Tri-Scraper Red

Hot three-way action! What puts our scraper in a geometric class of its own is its triangular shape. Six edges guarantee that there’s always a sharp edge to scrape excess wax from your base. A scraping notch ensures your board’s edges remain free of excess drippage or waxy buildup. [more]

Dakine Circle Mat

Die cut vinyl stomp pad measuring 4"x4" [more]

Burton Cord Leash

Just in case your bindings spontaneously combust. It’s a silly rule, but the leash law is still selectively enforced at a surprising number of resorts. Don’t be left off the lift because you left your leash at home. Buy this one and loop it to your binding, stash it in a pocket, or store it in your… [more]

Burton Foam Mat
$13.99 - $14.99

Grab ahold of one of these extra grippy and sticky stomp pad with graphic options inspired by the Burton archives. Terje’s sword, Brushie’s fish or the Process B, our throwback freestyle grab and stomp pad comes in four visual flavors all inspired by the Burton archives. Delivering solid grip where… [more]

Bakoda Pocket Stone

Put this in your pocket and take it out when you need to do a quick debur or give some love to your edges. [more]

Burton Large Scraper Mat

Like AWD for the lift line. Stomp mats are one thing, but a scraper mat has more than just one use. Made for coastal climates where snow regularly cakes up underfoot or ice coast riders who shred often in manmade conditions, this pad helps clear off excess accumulation when strapping in yet still… [more]

Burton Cheddar Wax

This wax goes great on everything. Nothing is more classically euro than waxing with a melting cube that smells like Swiss fondue. But the tech specs include an all-conditions 7-to-32-degree range, hydrocarbon glide and biodegradable peace of mind – giving this wax more than just an appetizing… [more]

Burton Donut Wax

Officer speedy’s favorite treat. What better way to wax up for morning powder than with a hot wax that smells like donuts and cider. Formulated with more than just enticing scent, this donut of hot wax is designed for 14-to-32-degree temps and is fully biodegradable. Hot wax, cold scrape, just… [more]

Burton Rub Down Wax Yellow

Rub one out in the parking lot. All jokes aside, rubbing your stick with this quickie wax in the morning will make the rest of your day more enjoyable. Designed for low-maintenance, five-minutes-flat application, anywhere from the parking lot to the gondola, all this wax needs is a quick rub and… [more]

Burton Web Leash

Obey the law. Believe it or not, some resorts still choose to enforce antiquated leash laws. For those throwback locations, we still make a leash. And if you noboard, well, then this is pretty essential. [more]

Burton Cable Lock

Houdini-proof. A stolen ride is every rider’s nightmare. Prevent that crushing theft with a simple, pocket-friendly cable lock. The steel cable provides security during lunch, bathroom or après breaks, while a customizable three number combo keeps the code private but not too complex. [more]

Burton EST Tool

Pocket-friendly and powerful for mounting and adjusting any binding. Our most pocket-friendly and popular tool for on-hill adjustments, the Burton EST® Tool’s stealth screwdrivers provide maximum tightening power in the smallest package possible. An integrated bottle opener cracks open a cold one… [more]

Burton Tether Lock

Don't be a statistic. We’ve all been that guy. The one who runs inside for a quick pit stop, a water, or just to buy a lift ticket. But a good thief only needs a few seconds to swipe your pride and joy resulting in a day of tragic infamy. Serving as both a leash and a board lock, our combo steel… [more]

Burton Beeracuda Bag

Over-the-shoulder beer holder. Liquid lunch box stores a vertical stack of cold ones in the insulated sleeve, plus a bonus can on the koozie-equipped shoulder strap. Locked and loaded, but mostly loaded, the Burton Beeracuda is the ultimate over the shoulder beverage holder. It’s full of… [more]

Burton Bullet Tool

Ratch-a-tat-tat. Speed and safety make this five-in-one ratcheting tool the choice of pros and ams alike. The low-profile shape prevents impactful landings when pocketed, while a foldout handle provides maximum cranking power for tightening screws. Easy to operate with gloved hands and stocked with… [more]

Burton Hover Cover

Wrap this felt cover around the base and edges of your kid’s board for floor-safe fun. This felt cover for 90cm and smaller kid’s snowboards creates an easy sliding experience on any smooth surface, such as hardwood floors or a gymnasium, giving kids a safe and fun introduction to sliding sideways.… [more]

Dakine Cam Lock

Compact sliding keyed lock with heavyduty 50" [ 127 cm ] coiled plastic coated steel cable. Cam lock feature allows locking of awkward shaped items and includes 2 keys. [more]

Flow Burrito Snowboard Bag

The Burrito is the ideal board sleeve to keep your board safe and sound. Made from 600D Polyester it is offered in variable sizes to fit every snowboard. And the backpack straps are perfect for traveling on public transport of just simply to keep your hands free. [more]

Burton Double Beeracuda Bag

Over-the-shoulder beer holder. Liquid lunch box stores a vertical stack of cold ones in the two insulated sleeves, plus a bonus can on the koozie-eequipped shoulder strap. Locked and loaded, but mostly loaded, the Burton Double Beeracuda is the ultimate over the shoulder beverage holder. It’s full… [more]

Burton Hot Stick Iron

A travel-rated waxing iron for domestic or foreign trips. Glory starts with a slick hot wax. Our tuning room, hotel room or dorm room essential utilizes a precise thermo dial for hot waxing with any Burton wax and a lightweight construction that allows you to pack it in a checked bag. International… [more]

Burton Riglet Board Reel

A flat ground teaching tool to get the youngest kids standing sideways. Attach this nifty reel to the nose of the youth Chopper®, Chicklet™, Riglet, and After School Special snowboards and you have a quick and easy way to pull your li’l one around while they get used to standing sideways. Better… [more]

Armada Owens 25L Backpack

The Armada Owens Backpack might look like a gear bag, but it has the style and function to bring to school everyday. Featuring a top loader main entry compartment, you can quickly stuff all your extra layers, food, or other gear. The Owens Pack also has easy side access to a padded laptop sleeve… [more]

Flow Weekend Warrior Snowboard Bag

Perfect for your weekend trip to the mountains. 600D Polyester protects your gear while the removable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry around. A bonus zippered tuning bag completes the package. [more]

Armada Ritter 50L Duffle

Want to carry it as a duffle, attach it to your Armada Long Hauler or wear it like a backpack, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Even though it has a ski brand's name on it and it can handle ski boots, it's really a pretty great carry-on bag, that does meet TSA carry-on requirements.… [more]

67 Results
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